Parents hold protest to oppose kids returning to school with masks

FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WOAY) – “Our children, our choice” rang the words of several concerned parents outside of the Fayette County Health Department on the first day kids return to a mask-mandated first two weeks of school.

“This is a great morning to be able to come out and express our concerns and express some of the frustration that we feel having to send our kids to school with their masks,” says Jennifer Campbell, a concerned parent at the demonstration.

The protesters wave signs that read “Unmask Our Children,” and make claims opposing the scientific-based research that masks protect against COVID-19. These parents believe that masks are bad for children to wear for many different reasons.

“There’s actually many studies out there that show the harm that masks cause on children, and that is something that we feel is being completely ignored. There are kids for one reason or the other that cannot wear masks due to medical conditions, disabilities,” she says.

But while most were opposing this back-to-school mask mandate outside of the health department, others showed up to support it.

“I’m totally aware that now that we know so much about this and there is so much misinformation out there, that some people are choosing to not do basic stuff to keep themselves safe,” says Jean Evansmore, a concerned citizen.

Nevertheless, the protesters planned to stand outside the health department waving their signs and stating their side of the argument until their voices got heard.

The “Unmask Our Children” protesters claim opposing research backs up evidence that children wearing masks can cause skin irritations, breathing difficulties, among other problems.

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