Over 70 million Rolling Candies recalled due to choking hazard

Oak Hill, WV (WOAY) – Due to choking hazards, Candy Dynamics is recalling 70 million units of its two-ounce to three-ounce rolling liquid candies.

The flavors are blue razz, strawberry, sour apple, and black cherry. 

They are labeled as “Toxic Waste”, “Slime Licker sour rolling liquid candy,” “Mega toxic waste,” and “Slime licker sour rolling liquid candy.” 

These candies were sold from June 2015 to July 2023. 

Also, Cocco Candy and KGR distribution have recalled nearly 146,000 units of their “Cocoo candy rolling candy.” 

The flavors include sour strawberry, sour tutti frutti, and sour cola. 

Those were sold from May 2022 through March 20-23. 

Candy Dynamics will give a full refund for any product that still has candy in it. 

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