Over 100 homes, 200 residents added to Piney View/Batoff Mountain Sewage Project

PINEY VIEW, WV (WOAY) – An existing Raleigh County sewage project expands the area of its impact.

In a special meeting on Tuesday, the Raleigh County Commission approved the addition of over 100 homes and over 200 residents to the Piney View/Batoff Mountain sewage project. The project will install a sewage system in place of the existing septic system in the area. The new additions are approved just before the July 31st deadline to send applications in for further funding for the project.

“We were given $1.2 million,” said Raleigh County Commission President Dave Tolliver. “With the addition of the 100-something houses, we had to raise what the county commission is going to donate to this project to $2 million. So, it’s $800,000 more.”

The applications for the rest of the funding will be sent to Charleston by the end of this week.

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