One Tank Trip: West Virginia Renaissance Festival

LEWISBURG,WV (WOAY)- It’s summertime in West Virginia and everyone loves a good trip, vacation, or getaway. Well if you want to get away, I have one you do not want to miss.

By fortune’s grace! The gates swing wide, ushering forth the West Virginia Renaissance Festival here in Lewisburg; a grand spectacle of splendor.

Oh did we make haste to join in the festivities. The festival opened on June 8th. It will run every Saturday and Sunday in June, so you still have time to join in the fun. This is the 6th year the festival has run, and the entertainment coordinator explains how it has grown over the years.

“When we first opened it, it was completely new. There has not been any Renaissance festivals in West Virginia. So you know, it’s grown by word of mouth, I think almost more than advertising as people come here,” explained Dawn Kieninger, the entertainment coordinator and farm owner. “Everybody knows what the state fair is. This is like a precursor to the state fair; the Harvest Festival or the Spring Festival they would have had 600 years ago.”

Mere peasants who partake in the merry will enjoy a variety of activities, shows, craft vendors, and food and drink. Some of the sights and sounds you can enjoy include,
stage shows, music presentations, a bird of prey showcase, mermaids, fairies, and so much more. You can also join in the story by watching the knights joist for Princess Evelyn’s hand in marriage.

They have over 60 different craft vendors for people who love to window shop. Some vendors even make what you’re buying right in front of you. They also have a variety of food and drink that all ages can enjoy.

Each weekend has a different theme. The first weekend was Celtic Crossing, the second is Pirate’s Landing, the third brings Viking Valhalla and WV Beer Celebration, and the final weekend is Time Travelers and WV Wine Tasting. There is something for anyone of any age.

The king and queen explain why you should be there any weekend to enjoy it all with them.

“Well, this is much more interesting than sitting at home on your couch,” said King Edward.

“Yes. Why are you not here? You should be here enjoying our day. The weather is perfect. It’s not too hot. It’s not too sunny. And it’s not got that wet things in it,” said Queen Eleanor.

“And there’s one. There’s one very important thing. We are here,” said King Edward. “King Edward and Queen Eleanor are here.”

“Yes we are,” added Queen Eleanor. “So everyone should be here visiting us.”

Tickets can be bought online or in person. Adult tickets cost $18, children 6 to 12 cost $8, seniors $15, and children under 6 are free.

As our time here fades, ample amusements await at the West Virginia Renaissance Festival. And fortunate are we that it lies within a carriage ride’s journey.

Well, more like it only takes one tank of gas to get there.

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