One Tank Trip: Traveling Smithsonian exhibit comes to local museum

TAZEWELL, VA (WOAY) – This week’s One Tank Trip brings us to Tazewell County. Located there is the Historic Crab Orchard Museum. They’ve been operating for 42 years showing off local heritage. 

But something new that’s just arrived is the traveling Smithsonian exhibit called Crossroads: Change in Rural America. 

The museum’s director says the museum was one of only a handful across all of Virginia to be selected for the exhibit. 

“The target market for this exhibit is smaller areas, which is exactly our definition here in southwest Virginia,” Director Cynthia Farmer said. “We’re lucky to be one of six sites chosen in the Commonwealth to host this.”

The exhibit is all about showcasing rural life and the culture of small town America. According to the Smithsonian, more than 96% of America is considered rural, but only 60 million Americans live in rural areas.

This exhibit showcases the history of how small towns developed and where they’ll be going in the future. 

Another big focus is the concept of identity, and how rural Americans view themselves. 

“It makes us think. The focus is our identity, how are we identified as rural Americans? Things like how we are reflected in poetry and music. It makes us think about how we perceive ourselves, and how someone else might perceive us differently.” 

The Crossroads Exhibit is on display until February 26. The museum is open Tuesday through Saturday, and admission is just $5.

And you can get there no problem with just one tank of gas.

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