One Tank Trip: Lost World Caverns

LEWISBURG, WV (WOAY) – Extending to a depth of 235 feet and stretching a distance of 1.25 miles (2 km) under the ground exists a seemingly magical world.

Just outside of the City of Lewisburg, the Lost World Caverns offers a thrilling caving experience for both the expert and amateur adventurers around. So, grab your best shoes and a light jacket, and see for yourself the beauty within.

“A lot of people in West Virginia and outside of the state come here because they like to see caves and caverns,” Owner of Lost World Caverns, Steven Charlton says. “West Virginia is unique for its caves and caverns, especially on the East side of the state. We have over 1,400 documented caves and caverns just in this one county alone.”

Discovered in 1942 and opening to the public in the late 60s, the caverns offer an abundance of amazing, unique rock formations and endless photo opportunities.

Of course, it also offers more than just the views, but endless adventure, as well. Guests get the option of two different tours– the General Cave Tour and the Wild Cave Tour.

Taking approximately 45 minutes to an hour to complete, the general tour is a self-guided trail. From stalactites to stalagmites, people will get to learn about all of the unique formations making up the cave. The trail includes a total of 350 steps. Guests are urged to stay on the trail at all times, and it’s welcome to all ages.

“There are signs around the cavern that you can stop and read as you walk through, you just go at your own pace and enjoy the tour, and you can take as little or as long as you like to go through,” he says.

But if you’re looking for even more adventure, then the Wild Cave Tour may be more for you.

It’s a 4-hour guided trek that takes guests through the deepest, darkest stretches. Crawling in some parts, and getting muddy is inevitable on this tour, but so is having the experience of a lifetime.

Expert guides will lead you every step of the way through over a mile-long journey, and gear is provided. Along with that, water, snacks, lunch, and showers are also provided. People must be 10 years or older to take this tour.

“The initial part of the cavern is only a quarter mile, from that point we will jump the railing and continue to the back part of the cavern that goes another mile and a quarter,” says Charlton. “There’s no lights, no trails, and you’re going to climb and crawl and squeeze through small spaces through the back section to get to the very end.”

After you complete the adventure, stop by the Natural History Museum and gift shop to check out the geodes, minerals, fossils, and other natural wonders.

You can book your tour at Lost World Caverns from their website or just stop in and visit them at 907 Lost World Road, Lewisburg.

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