Olive Garden Adds ‘Giant’ 12-Ounce Meatball To Menu

Olive Garden has finally made a meatball so big you can’t wrap your mouth around it.

The Orlando-based Italian-style restaurant chain put a 12-ounce handmade meatball on the menu Monday on top of two cheese-stuffed manicotti. It’s a part of an eight-week Big Italian Favorites promotion and appeared on menus for lunch on Monday. It will be served all day.


The promotion includes four dishes with either giant manicotti or stuffed fettuccine, which is essentially long ravioli strips stuffed with cheese and covered with alfredo sauce. The four dishes are a giant manicotti with meat sauce, giant meatball and four-cheese manicotti, stuffed fettuccine alfredo and stuffed fettuccine alfredo or shrimp.


The dishes range in prices from $12.99 for the giant manicotti with meat sauce to $18.99 for the stuffed fettuccine alfredo with shrimp. The giant meatball dish is $17.99.

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