October kicks off Breast Cancer Awareness Month

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY) – The month of October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 1 in 8 women are diagnosed with Breast Cancer each year, but there is hope.

October is Breast Cancer awareness month. This month is a reminder that breast cancer can affect anyone at any age.  

“12 percent of women in the United States at some point will end up with Breast Cancer. Thanks to science and technology it is a very treatable and manageable disease at this point. You never can say that you cured cancer but for the most part  breast cancer is one of the most manageable cancers out there,” General Surgeon Bukky Olatubosun. 

According to health experts Breast Cancer is the most diagnosed cancer in women other than skin cancer and is its second leading deaths in women. 

“80 percent of breast cancer diagnosis is multiple factors. Only 20 percent of breast cancer diagnosis is related to genetic cause. There is a lot of talk about bracketing, bracket one and bracket two. There are some other factors that can increase your chances,” Olatubosun said. 

Depending on a few different factors like family history and age women are encouraged to get tested regularly. 

SOT: “It think it’s extremely important that women know because over the past 10 years there have been confusion on when to get tested with the mammograms and things like that,” Olatubosun said. 

If you like to learn more information, you can visit nationalbreastcancer.org.

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