Oak Hill City Council adopts conservation easement for Needleseye Park

OAK HILL, WV (WOAY) – The Oak Hill City Council adopted an ordinance with a conservation easement for Needleseye Park.

The easement will allow the city to establish the park in order to protect wildlife habitats and water sources in addition to providing the public with recreational activities. With this ordinance motorized vehicles such as ATVs are not permitted inside the park and will be enforced with the help of the police department.

“An Oak Hill police officer is not going to chase someone on an off road vehicle, but we will track you down at your home,” said Oak Hill City Manager Bill Hannabass. “Through the use of cameras and other information that we have. There will be times that a police officer will be standing on someone’s porch knocking on the door.”

Signs will be posted to remind the public of the no motor vehicle rule.

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