No minimum wage increase in West Virginia, workers in 22 states get raises

Minimum wage workers in West Virginia are not getting a raise this year, but their counterparts in many other states are.

Twenty-two states, including West Virginia’s neighbor to the north, Ohio, are increasing their minimum wage in 2024.

There has been some movement in the West Virginia legislature about increasing the minimum wage. In January of 2023, Delegate Larry Rowe authored a bill to gradually increase the West Virginia minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2028.

It would have also raised it to 10 dollars an hour this year. That bill is still in the House Workforce Development Committee and has not yet been voted on.

There’s also been a push to increase the minimum wage on a federal level.

Earlier this year, Senator Shelley Moore Capito introduced a bill with five other republican senators to increase the federal minimum wage.

The new, proposed federal minimum wage would be $11.

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