New urgent care and drug addiction treatment center helps tackle opioid issues

HINTON, WV (WOAY) – A new urgent care and drug addiction treatment center has recently opened near the City of Hinton.

Three Rivers Clinic LLC opened during the first week of the year and sees roughly thirty patients a day. The clinic owner Kimberley Huffman says clinics are of great need right now in the area.

“They’ve come to us and they’re like this is a great idea with urgent care,” Huffman said. “They don’t have anything like that down here unless they go to the hospital, unless they go through the ER. I believe there’s a couple of doctors offices in the area, but it’s limited.”

The clinic has also partnered with Compass Counseling. After seeing the in-house nurse practitioner patients are able to receive counseling, helping them further with their treatment.

“There’s such a need in the area. And where they provide counseling services, it kind of helps the patient. They can come here to get their refills, get their checkups, and then go to counseling while they’re in the same facility.”

The clinic also has a focus on providing suboxone services for the community. Suboxone is a drug able to greatly help those struggling with addiction to opioids.

The clinic’s Nurse Practitioner and Medical Director Kathy Meadows says anyone in need of help should not hesitate to seek it. 

“West Virginia has a high rate of drug use and also overdose,” Meadows said. “And so we feel that if we can reach them and bring them in, then we can help them.”

The clinic offers both walk-ins and appointments for those needing help.

The clinic is located at 158 Hinton Bypass. Appointments and other inquiries can be made by calling the clinic at (304) 309-4143.

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