New River Primary teachers hold parade for students

OAK HILL, WV (WOAY) – New River Primary Elementary School decided to hold a parade for their students while they’re stuck at home.

Faculty and staff at the school decorated their vehicles and drove around surrounding neighborhoods where students lived.

First Grade Teacher Eleanor Gandee says the idea was to find a fun way to see the kids again, while also using the opportunity to give them educational material.

“We are coming together today to kind of say hello and we miss you to all of our students while also passing out some instructional packets to those who may not be able to come and pick it up,” Gandee said. 

The educational packets will be used to help students learn something over the Summer and be more prepared for when they eventually come back later in the Fall.

According to STEM teacher Rebekah Boyd, it’s not just about the teacher seeing their students again, it’s also about the students being reminded that they aren’t alone during this difficult time.

“This is a hard time for our students and we want to be able to see their smiling faces. We want them to see us and make sure they know that we haven’t forgotten them even though we haven’t seen them in a long time,” Boyd said. 

Roughly 30 faculty and staff decorated their vehicles  posters with encouraging messages. More parades are planned in the coming days to visit more students.

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