New River Intermediate students take part in school spelling bee

OAK HILL, WV (WOAY) – Fourth and fifth-grade winners of the classroom spelling bee at New River Intermediate school are now stepping up to the mic in front of a series of judges for the school spelling bee.

This is preparing the students for a county-level spelling bee where they’ll be competing with other fourth and fifth-graders, along with sixth, seventh, and eighth-graders.

“Some kids just love to spell,” says Amy McDonald, Principal at New River Intermediate.

“I think it’s a good learning experience for them to participate and compete against their age groups, and it’s also good for the nerves, getting up there and spelling words in front of your peers can be somewhat nerve-racking, and so it’s a good experience for them to participate and compete against each other,” she says.

Three winners will be selected for the school spelling bee, who will then get to go on to the county bee on Jan. 20.

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