New report details why some parents are hesitant to vaccinate their children

WEST VIRGINIA (WOAY) – While the COVID-19 vaccine has become available for children, there are many parents refusing to vaccinate their kids against the disease.

The company QuoteWizard, which is a subsidiary of Lending Tree, released a report detailing why parents across the United States don’t want to get their kids vaccinated.

They found that the overwhelming reason is a fear of side effects. According to Senior Research Analyst with QuoteWizard Nick VinZant, the same applies here in West Virginia.

“The main thing we found when we looked at why people in West Virginia don’t want to vaccinate their children, is because they’re concerned about side effects,” VinZant said.

However, many parents were unable to answer what side effects they were concerned about.

“The difficulty with that is when they’re asked what kind of side effects they’re concerned about, there’s not really an answer there. They’re just concerned about side effects in general.” 

VinZant added that this could be caused by an issue of communication between the public and government entities such as health departments.

Meanwhile, the CDC has endorsed the vaccine for children and insists the side effects are minimal, and serious side effects such as myocarditis, a form of heart inflammation, are extremely rare.

The full report lists several reasons why parents are hesitant to vaccinate their kids against COVID-19. You can find out more and view the full report at QuoteWizard.

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