New campground in the New River Gorge National Park attracting outdoor-lovers from near and far

FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WOAY) – Bringing in adventure-seeking, outdoor-loving people from near and far, The Outpost is a new campground nestling in the very place where adventure happens most of all– the New River Gorge National Park and Preserve.

Because of the influx in visitors seeking a retreat to the outdoors and to check out the newest national park, The Outpost owner Ross Cherry anticipates on its success.

“The industry as a total is up greatly as far as what it’s seeing with new customers coming into the camping and outdoor adventure opportunities. We believe this place is going to take off and we’re going to have an opportunity to really show that The Outpost is where wild does meet wonderful,” Owner Ross Cherry says.

From newly renovated, modern cabins, tent platform areas among the trees, a spa-like bathhouse, and 21 RV sites with more planning to be added, the campground offers a variety of ways to meet the needs of both outdoor enthusiasts and those just looking for a quiet getaway under the stars.

“What we want to offer is something that we really don’t see in the area and that’s a little bit more upscale, creature-comfort, service-oriented opportunity,” he says.

Not only is it offering campers a nice place to stay in the New River Gorge, but it’s bringing them together in a mutual love for the outdoors and adventure, a sense of togetherness which the owner plans to capitalize on through adding a new restaurant, live music, an outdoor provisions store, and providing a service for people to set up trips with local outdoor companies through the campsite.

“We give an opportunity to come experience this place, experience the Gorge, and experience the beauty of The Outpost,” adds Cherry.

Since Oct. 1, the campground has been on a soft opening, and despite the cancelation of Bridge Day they anticipate on having over 100 guests who have already made reservations for this weekend.

Major event or not, everyone is seeking a chance to come out to the newest and only camping destination in the New River Gorge for the last days of the season.

The campground will be closed for the winter months but they will be ready to celebrate all of the finished renovations and their official grand opening in the Spring.

The website will be up and running within the next few weeks so people can start making their reservations, and until then you can find The Outpost on their Facebook page.

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