National Recovery Month: Celebrating what recovery looks like

The drug crisis is one of the greatest threats to West Virginia, but many people do recover.

It’s a time to celebrate healing and the possibilities that lie ahead. This is what recovery looks like. Welcome to National Recovery Month.

“And for the community to see them as an individual with equal rights and opportunities and so that we can all kind of just blend together that one time of year,” said Family Options Providers, Inc. peer coach Amanda Hammons.

Hammons hopes they can break stigma, connect the community and have their voices heard. She wants to support people in knowing no matter how far you’ve gone into your addiction there is always hope and you can always come back from it. At one time she thought substances were the only way she could feel ok. She now understands that’s because the dopamine that’s released in your brain while using…

“It’s depleted — your brain doesn’t produce it naturally, so you don’t have that happy chemical,” Hammons said. “You don’t have the thing that helps you feel compassion and empathy and connection to the world around you.

She thought she was too far gone to find hope.

“I love to go to people and just explain to them that it looks this way, but it can look completely different if you just give yourself a chance to heal,” said the peer recovery coach.

Working in the field of recovery often counselors see a lot of struggles and failures.

“But every day when you work with peer recovery support, you see the successes… which also brings hope to our community,” said clinical director Tanya Lilly.

Sobriety has made Amanda’s goals feel like they are actually attainable for the first time.

“Because I don’t constantly have to find a way to get out of the next thing that is tearing down my life or keeping me from reaching my potential,” she said.

It makes Tanya feel good about being there for those who feel they have no way out… and she says just know there are numerous community resources.

“Family Options providers and our sister company, Lifeline also offer a lot of treatment and support. Just reach out and ask for help,” said the clinical director.

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