National Organization works to raise awareness on Pharmacy Benefit Managers and rising drug costs

WEST VIRGINIA (WOAY) – A consumer interest organization is trying to raise awareness on the rising cost of prescription drugs.

The National Consumers League claims that Pharmacy Benefit Managers are leading to a rising cost of drugs.

According to Sally Greenberg, the National Consumers League Executive Director, these managers were invented as a means to lower costs originally by acting as a middleman, but many believe they are costing consumers more harm than good.

“Pharmacy Benefit Managers take the role as middleman in the negotiations between what the manufacturers are charging and what the consumer pays,” Greenberg said. “And in the process, they take a big chunk of profits out.”

Many states have even gone as far as to limit how these pharmacy benefit managers operate, including West Virginia, which passed a law this year changing how their profits affect and go to consumers.

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