Mountaineer Food Bank extends “Feeding Families Prime” program to Raysal

RAYSAL, WV (WOAY) – Mountaineer Food Bank is extending its program to help feed families to Raysal.

“Feeding Families Prime” provides food to those who take educational courses of some form. The program began in January and hands out boxes at Refuge Church. There are close to 150 families receiving food boxes and participating in bi-weekly training.

“We wanted to, instead of giving a hand-out, provide a hand-up,” said Mountaineer Food Bank Communications Coordinator Gabriela Bonazzo. “Instead of just giving people a box of food, you are required to take some kind of educational class. We’ve had Narcan training here in the past. Once you take those classes, you will receive your food box.”

The education courses offered relate to lifestyle and wellness. Boxes include dried food items as well as produce.

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