Monroe County Election Results

MONROE COUNTY, WV (WOAY) – Final results are in for Monroe County.

The vote for an alcohol sale time change on Sundays was voted down.  The final vote was 3,456 for no and 2,709 for yes.

For Assessor, Sarah Martin beats Caroline Sparks.  The final vote was Martin with 4,736 votes versus Wills’ 1,468.

The Monroe County EMS ambulance levy was voted down.  There was 3,112 votes against the levy and 2,848 votes for.

For Prosecuting Attorney, Incumbent Justin St. Clair won unopposed with 4,715 votes.

Monroe County will have a new sheriff.  Republican Jeff Jones beats Democrat Lee Carter.  Jones wins 4,471 votes versus Carter’s 1,663.

For Surveyor, David Holz wins unopposed with 4,730 votes.

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