Moderating Trend Underway For Foreseeable Future

Oak Hill, WV (WOAY-TV): The coldest weather of the week is now in the rear-view mirror, but that doesn’t mean you will be free from scraping the car Friday morning.

TONIGHT: Another layer of frost expected on the car under clear skies and temperatures in the 20s.

FRIDAY: Temperatures will hit 57 degrees around 4 p.m. and then drop into the low 50s by the start of the high school football games. Halftime will see mid 40s and upper 30s for the end of the game. Higher elevations along Route 19 will see temperatures remain in the 40s thanks to a bit of a breeze developing during the evening.

WEEKEND: Temperatures will nearly double from the 30s in the morning to the low 60s in the afternoon. No rain is expected.

NEXT WEEK: Temperatures will warm above average with 60s. A warm front could spark a shower Tuesday followed by a cold front on Thursday with the threat for a shower.

BRUSH FIRE RISK: Elevated on Monday and Thursday due to a breezy wind and dry soil.

LOOKING AHEAD TO MID-NOVEMBER: A change in the pattern with a Pacific flow developing will allow an occasional cold front to cross the region with a modified Pacific air mass in each front’s wake as opposed to the current cross-polar Arctic flow that produced the recent cold snap and snow. Temperatures will trend above average with a less than historical probability for snow.

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