Miller: minibus funds critical services, highlights significance of 2024 election

WASHINGTON, DC (WOAY) – The United States House of Representatives has approved a $1.2 trillion package of spending bills to keep the government funded. Seventy percent of the spending authorized by the bill will be spent on defense, and funds authorized under the package will boost border security and fund new educational programs.

There is also money for major West Virginian projects.

“There is $10 million of funding for SMI Solutions and Huntington Steel and $6 million for the Pocahontas Memorial Hospital, among other funding,” West Virginia Representative Carol Miller said in a statement to WOAY.

Miller voted to approve the package, saying that it was not perfect but necessary.

“I voted yes because we need to pay our troops, improve border security, stand with Israel, and fund projects for West Virginia,” she said. “While there are things I don’t support, that’s the reality of a divided government.”

She said that it’s another reason that she believes Republicans need to take the 2024 election seriously.

“Our number one priority needs to be taking back the Senate, the White House, and growing our House majority in November,” Miller said.

West Virginia’s other representative, Alex Mooney, voted against the spending package.

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