Mercer, Fayette counties both in orange as of 9:00 PM update

WOAY – As of 9:00 PM Saturday, Mercer became the latest county to turn orange in the county alert system. This means the four high school teams (Bluefield, Montcalm, PikeView and Princeton) can not participate in games all next week.

Therefore, Week 2 football match-ups, like Princeton @ Oak Hill and Liberty @ PikeView will not be played next Friday.

Fayette County remains in orange for the second week in a row. Week 2 games like Midland Trail @ Oak Hill (scheduled for Monday) and Midland Trail @ Meadow Bridge will not be played.

With the update, Monroe County moves from red to orange, meaning James Monroe’s teams can resume practicing but cannot play in games.

Below is a complete list of games that will not played in Week 2.

Midland Trail @ Oak Hill (Monday)
Sissonville @ Meadow Bridge (Monday)
Greenbrier East @ Poca
Princeton @ Oak Hill
Liberty @ PikeView
Buffalo @ Montcalm
Midland @ Meadow Bridge



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