Mercer County Health Officials continue to urge residents to get vaccinated

PRINCETON, WV (WOAY) – As time goes on, one thing remains–COVID-19. As the Delta variant has proved to be stronger than the original strand of the virus, health officials are urging residents to get vaccinated now more than ever.

Health Officer at the Mercer County Health Department Dr. Rick Sabol said, “Get vaccinated. Get vaccinated as soon as possible. Wear your masks.”

With school back in session, numbers are likely to peak with new cases, as children that are 12 and up are strongly advised to also be vaccinated.

“One case is enough. If you get one case in the school and everybody is together, who knows what the number is going to be.” Sabol said, “Everybody is different when it comes to fighting a germ or a virus.”

With some skeptical about the vaccine, Dr. Sabol said this should change very soon.

“From what I understand, the non-vaxxers do not what to take the vaccine because it hasn’t been officially approved by the FDA. It’s going to be approved by the FDA, all three of them within the end of the month, I believe.”

Mercer County Schools will make the final decision on whether to require masks or not for the school year on Aug. 24.

Sabol said, “If you want to get vaccinated, I think it should be mandatory. If you don’t wat to get vaccinated and you’re carrying it, it’s not your right to walk into a crowd and give it to everybody there.”

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