Mercer County Airport uses grant to improve aviation apron

BLUEFIELD, WV (WOAY) – Mercer County Airport is taking steps to expand their fuel resources by incorporating additional aviation aprons. This means the airport will be able accommodate more aircraft that need fuel.

Approved by the Cares Acts, Mercer County Airport is set to receive over half a million dollars to expand general aviation aprons.

“Typically we get an airport improvement grant every year from the FAA. That’s a 90/10 split with 90 percent coming from the federal government, but under the CARE Act this year is a 100 percent grant. With us receiving $563,981 we’re going to be able to expand our main apron at our fuel farm so we can accommodate larger aircraft which will give us 24 hour capability,” said Mercer County Airport Director Clint Ransom.

The project is aimed at making it easier for larger aircraft to fuel up at the airport around the clock.

“Hopefully it will help with our fuel sales. Right now we are limited at the self serve pump. We offer full service. We offer full service but only between 7 am to 9 pm so if aircraft come in at night and need fuel this will allow them to purchase fuel from us,” said Ransom.

Airport Director Clint Ransom says with a larger and more accessible aviation apron the airport will be able to generate more profit.

“The fuel sales are probably our number source of income, so the more fuel we sale more money we can put back into the airport in other aspects,” said Ransom.

The project is scheduled to start at the beginning of September.

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