Medical cannabis businesses apply for permits to operate in Mercer County

BLUEFIELD, WV (WOAY) – After a recent decision by the Mercer County Board of Health, medical cannabis dispensaries have begun the application process to operate in the county.

Mercer County was at first the only county in the state that has denied medical cannabis business from operating in the county. As of last month, the Mercer County Board of Health reversed decisions from the previous administration on that matter.

The City of Bluefield was one major proponent to allow those businesses to operate in the county, and City Attorney Colin Cline says they are pleased to see progress being made.

“Of course we’re pleased that’s happening. Our position was we advocated at our local board of health for them not to oppose medical cannabis organizations coming into this county,” Cline said.

Two businesses have applied for permits. One is Holistic WV Farms LLC, which is based in Washington D.C. and already has been approved as a grower in Raleigh County. The other business is Princeton WV Retail LLC.

Cline says the city is excited to see the benefits of medical cannabis finally be seen in Mercer County.

“We look at it from a two prong perspective. First, is we think the law is a good law. So we want our citizens to have access to the therapeutic benefits of medical cannabis. And then the second thing of course is an economic development perspective.”

It’s not yet known where the two businesses will locate in the county if approved.

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