Meadow Bridge Elementary teacher receives Inquiry Grant

MEADOW BRIDGE, WV (WOAY) – Last week a sixth grade teacher at Meadow Bridge Elementary was awarded an inquiry grant.

The grant was offered from Concord University through their student teaching program. The goal of the grant was to develop math, science, and reading skills with students. Lisa Crookshanks was awarded the thirteen hundred dollar grant and will be purchasing a hothouse to teach students how to raise fruits and vegetables.

“With that hothouse my students will be responsible for figuring out if certain vegetables grow in better environments, more water, less water, more sun, more heat so we’ll learn a little bit about that,” said Meadow Bridge Elementary Sixth Grade Teacher Lisa Crookshanks. “Then they will actually plant these and take care of them in our hothouse.”

Ms. Crookshanks and the students plan to begin planting their vegetables in March.

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