McDowell County to see new cell phone tower in near future

IAEGER, WV (WOAY) – McDowell County is seeing progress on a new cell phone tower.

The AT&T cell phone tower is being constructed in the Sandy River area, which includes many towns that have poor or nonexistent cell phone service.

Part of the reason why cell phone service is still poor in some areas of McDowell County is the mountain range. Building towers between mountains is resource-intensive.

Michael Brooks with the McDowell County Commission says it’s amazing to see the tower finally be constructed and that a large portion of the county will now have high-quality service. 

“We were adamant that it needed to be in the Sandy River District which encompasses Iaeger, Panther, Bradshaw, places like that that have none whatsoever. We’re excited about it, glad to see it happen. It’s long overdue,” Brooks said.

The tower will also allow 911 services to be contacted from a larger range.

AT&T stated that the tower will be a great benefit for the community, and they are working with officials to make sure things go smoothly.

“We consistently look for ways to improve the experience for our customers and first responders, and are adding additional wireless coverage and capacity to the Town of Iaeger. These changes will bring improved coverage to Iaeger residents, visitors and first responders through faster speeds and better voice quality. We recently added a tower in the neighboring City of Elkhorn to support our customers as well. We will continue to work with the Town of Iaeger and public officials during this process,” a representative with AT&T said.

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