McDowell County community joins together to save dog who was shot in the head

UPDATE 12-12-23————–

WOAY has more good news about Samson’s recovery. On December 12, he took his first drink of water on his own.

He is still recovering from the traumatic brain injury, but it seems that he has dodged severe, long-term neurological damage.

He still has a long road to recovery but is making progress.


Today, we have some good news to share.

Samson’s surgery was a success. His left eye was removed, and the damaged areas on his head were cleaned and repaired.

He is still recovering, but the surgery went well, and he is awake and off the pain drip. There is still a concern about his long-term neurological function… And that will be tested tomorrow.

Atwell, WV (WOAY) – A McDowell County community is banding together to help a poor pup named Samson who is suffering from a human being’s awful, inhumane actions and they need your support.

On November 28, a good samaritan, LG RJ, was traveling near Atwell when he noticed a dog staggering on the road and stopped to check on him. 

Upon catching Samson, LG noticed that he had suffered a severe head injury and called for help.

Rebecca Godfrey answered the call and told Samson’s story on social media.

Even though the nearest vet was hours away, heroic volunteers Felicia Rowe and Samantha Meadows teamed up to make it happen.

Rowe drove Samson from McDowell County to the emergency vet in South Charleston, and Meadows met them and took Samson to Good Shepherd Veterinary Hospital the following day.

After examining him, veterinarians discovered that Samson had been shot in the head, leaving him with numerous injuries. 

Through it all, Samson has remained as solid and resilient as the community surrounding him in his time of need. 

Now, these heroes need your help to ensure that Samson continues to receive the care he requires to heal. 

If you are interested in helping, please call 304-925-7387 or you can make a donation via PayPal at polensheryl@yahoo.Com 

Donations will cover Samson’s surgery, medical bills, and continued hospitalization.  

Anyone with information regarding who Samson’s owner is or who committed this heinous act, please get in touch with the McDowell County Sheriff’s Department at (304) 436-8522. 

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