McDowell County Children’s Home Society temporarily closes

NORTHFORK, WV (WOAY) – The Children’s Home Society of McDowell County is temporarily closing.

The Home Society has been at the same location in Northfork for 38 years, but due to landscaping and sewage issues they have to find a new building. Heavy rains over the last few years have made a nearby hill unstable, and it’s no longer safe for children to stay in the building.

As well, the location is up a steep, one-lane road, and it’s difficult to get heavy machinery up the hill that could potentially fix the landscaping issues. So it’s more efficient for them to find a new location entirely.

According to the McDowell Children’s Home Society COO Mary White, the move has been hard for everybody.  

“We had to make a very difficult decision to go ahead and close the shelter for now. We will be looking for another location here in McDowell County. We very much want to maintain shelter services and have a service in this area,” White said. 

Until they find a new location, any kids staying there will be moved elsewhere and 11 staff members have been laid off. White says the 11 staff members are welcome to apply to other children’s locations in the meantime and will likely be welcomed back when the McDowell Children’s Home Society finds a new locations. 

It’s unknown how long it will take for them to find a new location.

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