Man accused of stabbing four people in Charleston in police custody

Charleston, WV (CNN) – A man accused of stabbing several people in Charleston on Wednesday is in custody. 

According to police, 37-year-old Percy Woody faces charges in connection with the stabbings.

Police say Woody was employed at a local McDonald’s, where he allegedly injured two co-workers and a customer with a sharp object before leaving the scene. 

Authorities report he then allegedly stabbed a fourth person outside a nearby home, injuring himself in the process before police took him into custody.

During a news conference, police announced Woody had previous malicious wounding charges. 

In 2018, he reportedly stabbed a man multiple times, and in 2019, authorities charged him with injuring a man with a box cutter. 

A court sentenced Woody in 2020 to up to three years in prison with credit for time served. 

Police state all of the victims from Wednesday’s incident have non-life-threatening injuries and will likely make a full recovery. 


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