Mabscott woman has parade thrown for her after successful double-lung transplant

MABSCOTT, WV (WOAY) – A Raleigh County woman has a parade thrown for her after a double-lung transplant. 

Tammy Mills suffered from pulmonary fibrosis and was on oxygen assistance for years before finally qualifying for a double-lung transplant. And after a hospital stay she’s finally returned home and was met by her friends and family. More than 20 cars filled with her friends and family drove by her home in Mabscott to congratulate her. 

She now doesn’t need any oxygen assistance to breathe, and says it was an incredible feeling after leaving the hospital. 

“When I was leaving the hospital, when I first took my breath, I just couldn’t believe it. I breathed in and I breathed out, and I was breathing on my own. And I really couldn’t understand it, it’s unexplainable, that first breath that you get to take,” Mills said. 

Mills was on oxygen assistance for 13 years before her transplant.

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