Local support group offers support for LGBTQ peers

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY) – Tonight, the Beckley GLCC held its monthly meeting in their newly remodeled community center.

The GLCC is a community that supports LGBTQ individuals and their parents to give them the support they deserve. The groups are broken up by age to provide better peer support in addition to the community support.

“What we are doing tonight is having some different peer support groups, and they’re basically broke down by age,” said GLCC Board President Pam Upton. “They will be breaking off into their individual groups, and after those meetings are over, we’ll have our monthly board meeting.”

“For folks that don’t know necessarily what is a GLCC does a community center this type, it’s a resource for parents who need more information about with the kids may be going through and frankly a lot of adults out there going through things and they need a community that supports them, and that can speak to their issues,” said GLCC Board Member Robert Dunlap.

For more information about the Beckley GLCC and to see when and where their meetings are taking place, visit their Facebook page.

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