Local organizations meet to discuss expansion of Child Tax Credit

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY) – Since March parents have received hundreds of dollars periodically from the Child Tax Credit, passed as part of Biden’s American Rescue Plan. Families receive $300 for each child under the age of 6, and $250 for each child between 6-17. 

The latest payments are being sent out this Wednesday, Dec. 15. Unless a renewal is passed by Congress as part of Biden’s Build Back Better Plan, then this will be the last payment. 

In Beckley, a number of representatives for local organizations met at Tamarack for a roundtable discussion on the tax credit, proposing it’s renewal.

They shared stories of local families who have benefited from the tax credit, claiming the extra money helps them get basic necessities. 

One organization is TSG Consulting, which works with many local groups who benefit from the Child Tax Credit.

“There’s a lot of stress right now, a lot of economic upheaval, and this small amount of money helps these families make ends meet,” TSG Consulting owner Tom Susman said.

Meanwhile, opponents of the tax credit claim the payments are too costly, and they oppose giving direct handouts. Another key talking point from opponents in Congress is that direct payments dissuade people from returning to work.

These local organizations disagree, and claim the payments help families stay in the workforce by taking care of necessities. 

“If you have kids and your car blows up, this helps you. You gotta get your car fixed, because if you don’t have a car, you can’t get to work. I think this helps keep people in the workforce.” 

As of now, two key democratic senators have not stated how they’ll vote on the Build Back Better Plan. One of these senators is West Virginia’s own Joe Manchin. Manchin has at many times brought up concerns over the Build Back Better Plan’s $2 trillion cost.

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