Local martial arts studio holds car wash fundraiser to spread word about reopening

PRINCETON, WV (WOAY) – Many businesses are excited to finally open back up, especially ones that haven’t been able to get any business at all during the pandemic.

Advantage Martial Arts in Princeton for instance has recently reopened, and held a small car wash fundraiser to help get the word out about their business.

Due to how close-contact martial arts is, the owner of the gym Kyle Davis says that their classes can’t really change that much, but are willing to accommodate people where they can. 

“What we’re offering is a family-friendly atmosphere. Our classes haven’t changed at all, people that are coming in are still gonna be doing classes the way they were. Unless they have an issue with it. If they have an issue with it we’ll accommodate them with other things that they can do in the facility,” Davis said.

Advantage Martial Arts has classes for both traditional and Thai boxing.

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