Local man becomes first in West Virginia to book direct job with Space Force

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY)- 19-year-old Michael Hoosier of Wyoming County is making history as he becomes the first person in West Virginia to book a job directly with the Space Force. Hoosier will be the newest member of the Space Force joining the intelligence community, where he’ll be handling and transferring technical data. He says that while he’s nervous to join, he’s excited to gain experience and open more doors for his future.

“It’s a lot of pressure on my back. Honestly, I feel like I’m representing a bunch of people and I don’t want to let my Sergeant down,” Hoosier says. “Space, as terrifying as it is, is an interesting subject, so it’s definitely a cool field to be working in. I hope when I get out I can make something of myself.”

If you’re interested in speaking with a recruiter about potential opportunities through the Air Force or Space Force, you can contact Master Sergeant Chukes or Technical Sergeant Pace at (304)252-3350.

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