Local Kids Flock To Grocery Store’s Special One Day Petting Farm

Oak Hill, WV (WOAY-TV): Grant’s Supermarket in Oak Hill was hopping with business and much of it was outside the establishment!

Chief Meteorologist Chad Merrill has the story:

The great American Petting farm was a hit here in Oak Hill. Let’s go inside and check it out.

Oh, we’ve got lots of kids. We’ve got lots of adults. And we’ve also got lots of animals here at the petting farm. And I’ll tell you what, the kids are loving it. Are you enjoying yourself? Yeah. And your favorite animal and the sheep. Yeah. You see, the sheep definitely keeps warm, right, With all that fur.

And this organization has been around for many years, and they tour different parts of the country, especially the West. And I am joined by Shane Boyer, Petting Farm Ower, who has been traveling with these animals for the last how many years? 34.

“So we’re the great American entertainment company. We’ve been number one in the industry for 35 years. We go all over the United States, different fairs, rodeos, festivals and events,” said Boyer.

“We have a variety of different farm animals and a few exotics with us. We have our go sheep llama alpaca. We’ve got a miniature cow, a miniature donkey, a Bennett wallaby from Tasmania. We also have ducks and chickens and many other animals that we take all over the United States with us,” said Boyer.

And I’ve got to ask, is a meteorologist, are the animals susceptible to the heat and the cold weather? And what do you do in times of very extreme heat or cold? Boyer said, “Now they’re very tolerant of different weather changes. There’s extreme swings in hot and cold in for the cold. We’ll put up heat lamps, put up shelters so they stay nice and warm at night in the heat. We put up fans and misters that can cool the air by 25 degrees. Merrill says, “And the favorite part for the animals, the food.”

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