Local fire department suggests caution in the kitchen this Thanksgiving

BLUEFIELD, WV (WOAY) – While Thanksgiving is time for friends and family, it can also involve some issues in the kitchen if you aren’t careful. 

Cooking is the main cause of home fires during any day of the year, but on Thanksgiving they are more common. According to the Bluefield Fire Department, you should be careful to always keep your appliances attended while they’re on.

As well, the classic tradition of deep frying a turkey can always cause problems if you aren’t careful. Lt. Robert Jones with the Bluefield Fire Department says its best to play it safe with this tradition.

“Have a wide open space nowhere around any combustible materials like wood, and make sure your turkey is fully thawed before you put it in the fryer,” Jones said. 

Jones says it’s also a good idea to keep an eye on your kids to make sure they don’t get burned in the kitchen, especially when many people are walking in and out. 

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