Local drop-off locations set up for National Drug Take-Back Day

FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WOAY) – The misuse of prescription medications has become a growing health concern, but there is also a growing effort to prevent it. Founded by the DEA, National Take-Back Day is an opportunity for people to take back old, unused prescription medications they have lying about their homes to help combat and prevent future misuse or other dangers that having them around can bring. And many local drop-off locations were set up to help people do just that.

“Today’s National Drug Take-Back Day, and we provide a drop-off site from 10 until 2 today collecting medications that are expired or no longer needed and need to be disposed of,” says Amy Farrish, Forensic Specialist and Evidence Custodian for Fayette County Sheriff’s Department.

People were able to drop off their old medications at the Fayette County Sheriff’s Department, the Raleigh County Commission on Aging, among many other locations throughout the region, providing a safe way to get rid of the medication and preventing it from getting in the wrong hands.

“It keeps these prescription drugs off the streets,” says Sergeant D.J Bailey with the Beckley Police Department. “They can bring them here, we can get rid of them in a safe way.”

This national effort to fight against prescription misuse has seen much success, in the past collecting nearly 500 tons of medication from folks around the area. And local police departments encourage everyone to continue to help join the cause in fighting against such misuse.

“You certainly don’t want to leave the medications in the home for small children or curious teenagers, or someone who may be struggling with depression who would want to experiment with it or find a means to an end,” Farrish says.

The medication which gets collected at these sites will be transported to the DEA to be incinerated.

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