Local doctor gives tips on how to beat the heat

OAK HILL, WV (WOAY) – Over the next week, we’ll see temperatures well into the 80s, and with few chances of rain, you may spend more time outdoors.

Dr. Paul Conley at Plateau Medical Clinic says while enjoying the warm weather, you should keep your health in mind.

“We know that when you [sweat a lot], what happens is you start developing hyperthermia,” said Conley. “Your body is trying to get the heat out by sweating and by doing that, your kidneys are being strained because you’re not getting enough volume, which can also cause issues with blood pressure.”

Conley says that can put a strain on your heart, leading to a higher risk of having a heart attack. Because you can lose so much fluid when you’re in the heat for too long, it’s important that you find shade and drink water when you need it.

Dehydration isn’t the only danger to keep in mind when spending time in the sun.

“We talk about UV light and that’s ultraviolet light, the light that we can’t see… [that] is what is burning our skin,” said Conley.

Conley says those with light skin and blue eyes are usually more susceptible to skin cancers, but anyone exposed to UV light is at risk. To make sure you’re protected, wear sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher.

“The biggest issue is making sure you continue to reapply, especially if you’re in a lake or pool. You go out and you have to make sure you reapply because in the water, you wash off the sunscreen and then you get back out.”

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