UPDATE: Region Wakes Up to Light Snow Dusting

WOAY-TV (Oak Hill, WV): Bursts of snow have accumulated a dusting to more than a half foot across MOST of the region. Occasional snow showers and flurries will continue today.


8:00 AM: A dusting to a few inches of snow has been spotted in the region. Snowshoe is the bread winner with 8 inches. Another 2-3 inches of snow will pile up from western Greenbrier County to western Pocahontas County today. The remainder of the region will see the snow melt during breaks in the clouds only to be replaced by a minor dusting during snow showers (best chance from midday to 6 pm). Lower elevations will see any flurries change to rain showers later today. Check out the latest web cams from our ski resorts:

5:30 PM: Chief Meteorologist Chad Merrill’s latest forecast:

4:20 PM: Outside of Snowshoe and western Pocahontas County, Bluefield and Quinwood top the list so far with the highest snowfall totals: 0.6″. Lightning is observed near Meadow Bridge.

10 AM: Chief Meteorologist Chad Merrill provides a Facebook Live from Oak Hill with the latest weather information:

The same storm system responsible for producing 1-3″ of snow in the Upper Midwest (image above) will bring rain showers tonight, changing to snow showers at daybreak. During the day, expect sunshine, then snow squalls and even thunder (due to the large drop in temperature between the surface and upper-levels) This trend will continue the entire day with more snow showers overnight into Friday.

The atmospheric profile for Thursday afternoon shows a big drop off in temperatures aloft and very high inversion height (where temperatures begin to increase with height). These factors support snow squalls and likely thundersnow at times.

The snow squalls will last 5-10 minutes each and produce large snowflakes that will fall heavily enough to accumulate on ALL SURFACES. In between snow squalls, expect the snow to melt, except shaded spots as the sun will return between these showers.

Icy spots are likely above 2,500 feet in elevation Friday morning. Additional snow showers, with a bit less vigor, are likely on Friday. The total accumulation (maximum snowfall on the ground before the sun hits it) is noted below:

StormWatch 4 snowfall forecast

Winter Storm Warnings are in effect for the western Greenbrier Valley’s highest ridges and western Pocahontas County.

Flurries will linger into Saturday before sun emerges after 4 p.m.

The amazing part about this snow event is that you will most likely see a rainbow either in the morning or evening (near sunrise and before sunset) because of the likelihood the sun will make brief appearances in between these snow showers. So, in the late afternoon, for instance, you could be under a snow shower departing to your east and the sun comes out in the western horizon and develops a rainbow to your east.

Chief Meteorologist Chad Merrill’s forecast:

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