Lemonade Festival Attracts Large Crowd

Oak Hill, WV (WOAY-TV): People flocked to Bluefield for the famous Lemonade Festival on Saturday.

Chief Meteorologist Chad Merrill says, “What is Bluefield known for…. its refreshing lemonade and that is what brought us out to the lemonade festival on this Saturday.”

Merrill says, “How many years have you been coming to the festival?” One participant indicated it’s her seventh year.

Now, any festival would not be complete without the rides for the kids, right? That’s exactly what the Lemonade Festival had on Saturday.

“Are you headed for the rides next? Participant Henry Wards said, “Yes.” Merrill asked, “And which one’s your favorite?” Wards said, “I’ve never really ridden any of the rides, but this one (he points to the swing) would probably be my favorite.

The trolly guide says, “So technically we weren’t part of the Commonwealth of Virginia that we didn’t receive until 1853.”

And get this, folks. We had the lemonade, we had the food, we had the vendors. We also had the rides for the kids, but also free trolley rides with a guide giving us a tour of some of the historic homes in downtown Bluefield.

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