Law enforcement officials offer advice on winter weather safety

PINEVILLE, WV (WOAY) – After a mild fall, it’s looking like we’ll finally be seeing some consistent winter weather over the coming weeks.

With temperatures dropping and rain and snow increasing, there are several adjustments needed to stay safe out on the roads,” said Wyoming County Chief Deputy Bradley Ellison. “Caution and awareness are two of the key ingredients to prepare for winter driving.

“The main thing is always [to] keep a check on the weather conditions before you leave the house so you’ll know what you’re going to have to expect. We’re coming into the season where you might leave the house and it might be cold, but you go off on a trip or somewhere, and by the time you get there or you’re on your way back it’s snowing.”

Whether you’re driving close to home or between states, it’s important to be mindful of any precipitation of objects on the road.

“Be mindful of the road conditions,” Ellison said. “When you’re traveling through different areas of the county or state where you go, the road might be just wet in one area, and you go through a shaded area, and then it’s snow-covered or ice-covered. Just always look ahead. Look forward.”

Winter weather brings an increase in accidents on the road. Being mindful of others is just as important as watching out for yourself.

“The main thing is to reduce your speed and keep control of your vehicle,” Ellison said. “Don’t be an aggressive driver. Just get there. Just realize it’s going to be there when you get there. If you have to run a little late, you have to run a little late. Because if you wreck, it’s going to cost you more.”

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