Lana Toler awarded Wyoming County Schools Service Personnel of the Year

WYOMING COUNTY, WV (WOAY) – The Wyoming County School Board recognized Lana Toler as Service Personnel of the year Monday night.

Lana Toler is a bus driver for Wyoming County Schools and has always cared for the children she transports to and from school. Superintendent Cline was very appreciative for the work Lana Toler has done for the school system.

“She is one of those people in education who serves so many roles to some many kids,” Superintendent Deirdre Cline said. “Our kids know that Sissy [Lana Toler] about them and they know that she is there for them. Sometimes that’s all they need and we are so grateful to recognize Lana Toler as our Service Person of the Year.”

Congratulations to Lana Toler on going above and beyond for students and earning this award.

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