Kimball Police Department adds new car to upgrade routes

KIMBALL, WV (WOAY) – The city of Kimball has received an upgrade to its police department.

Upon recently hiring a new officer, a need was created for a second vehicle. Another local department was generous enough to donate a new police car to Kimball, which has already boosted the department.

“We were fortunate enough to add a second officer, which made the need for additional vehicles great,” said Kimball Chief of Police S.P. “Pat” McKinney. “Two of our three vehicles were down and pretty much inoperable. So I was talking to [officials in Lester] and told them our situation. They said they had just received some cars and they were able to donate one to help us out.”

McKinney says that Kimball PD doesn’t like using unmarked cars in traffic and will have the new one marked within three weeks.

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