Kentucky woman continues lawsuit against Kentucky’s abortion ban, says embryo no longer has cardiac activity

A Kentucky woman who has filed a lawsuit against the state in an attempt to get an abortion says that the embryo no longer has cardiac activity.

The woman, who has remained anonymous throughout the legal process, is still filing a class action lawsuit against the state’s near-total ban.

Kentucky’s nearly comprehensive abortion ban does not include exceptions for rape and incest but does allow limited exceptions to save the life of the patient or prevent serious risk to the patient.

Although the woman filing the lawsuit has yet to break her silence, her attorneys say they will continue the lawsuit.

“Kentuckians like Jane should be able to focus solely on their health and should not have to worry about bringing a lawsuit. But the Kentucky Supreme Court previously held that health care providers could not raise the constitutional rights of their patients. Unfortunately, patient-led challenges like Jane’s are our only path forward to strike down the bans under the right to privacy and right to self-determination,” Brigitte Amiri, ACLU Reproductive Freedom Project deputy director, said.

West Virginia also bans abortion, but the state has exceptions in place in cases of rape and incest. There are also exceptions if the patient’s health or life is in danger.

Newswatch is continuing to follow challenges to state and regional abortion bans, and we will keep you up to date.

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