Jan-Care’s suggestions for a safe Halloween

Pumpkin carving and the candles that light them up cause the biggest Halloween hazards.
Jan-Care Ambulance shared their suggestions for a safe All Hallows’ Eve.

“Paint pumpkins, or at least with the little ones make sure that the tools and the little pumpkin saws and things like that are not close by because we do get some injuries with those sharp objects,” said director of operations Paul Seamann. “But people might forget that because they want to hand down traditions.”

Also, when all the young children are out in costume and going from door to door traffic is an issue.

“People are around looking at the lights and at the same time kids may be really enthused about going door to door and getting their candy,” Seamann said.

We don’t want any pedestrian vs. vehicle accidents. And then the slips, trips and falls… for the grandparents, parents — even the kids; because so many lawn ornaments have tie down strings. Jan-Care wants it to be a great Halloween for everyone.

“Be mindful of your costumes and try to do it in the daylight or twilight as much as possible, not late at night,” said the director of operations.

Seamann says always watch for traffic, travel in groups and have fun. But remember: with all the haunted houses and jump scares people do trip, slip and may run into somebody and cause an injury. So make sure everybody’s watching the little ones.

“Enjoy yourself and go door to door with those places that have lights on,” he said. “A lot of people are doing trunk and treat now; which is a different way to enjoy the holiday and perhaps a little safer.”

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