‘It wasn’t what we expected’: Fayette County residents react to flooding threats

FAYETTE COUNTY, WV (WOAY) – “It wasn’t what we expected.”

Susie Worley Jenkins was preparing for the worst. The Minden resident has seen this creek rise and flood her community too many times. But after the flooding threat of the past couple of days, the water level isn’t dangerous yet.

“The creek is high,” Jenkins said. “But, it’s not high enough that we feel an immediate threat.”

Akera Payne has also been creek watching over the last couple of days. Her house down Route-61 has seen flood damage before, but like Jenkins, she’s safe for now.

“The creek didn’t rise,” Payne said. “And we were thanking God for that, so.”

Jenkins says the Minden creek is only about half way to the flood stage. Even if we get more rain, she’s hopeful that the worst threat has passed.

“I’m gonna watch it,” Jenkins said. “Wait it out and see.”

Payne’s family all live close together near her creek. They’re going to stay prepared in case it rises unexpectedly while the state of emergency is still in place.

“If it’s raining really hard, we’re completely watching it,” Payne said. “It can go from here to here real quick.”

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