Is Christmas coming early

It’s the most wonderful time of year… but are retailers and music stations pushing it on us too soon.

“I love Christmas; I’ve got too many grandchildren to buy for so I start at the beginning of the year and just buy all year,” said Lynn Carr.

How early is too early to get in the Christmas spirit, Christmas music on the radio and stores enticing us with Christmas deals before it’s even Halloween.

This Cool Ridge grandmother can’t get enough of her favorite time of year.
“And I love Christmas music,” Carr said.

For Dominique Marcus, everything should stay in its lane.

“I don’t think that anything Christmas should start until after Thanksgiving,” said Marcus, director of prevention services at Raleigh County Prevention Coalition.

And when it comes to that Christmas music…

“I don’t think it should be played ever,” Marcus said.

This Scarboro resident says it’s absolutely too early for Christmas music but never too early for Christmas gift shopping.

“Give Halloween its time, give Thanksgiving its time and then we can do Christmas,” said Bret Shrewsberry.

She says if you do it too early…

“I think it takes away from the magic of each season.”

For Sheryl Morgan it’s too early for Jingle Bells but not Christmas shopping.

“Get it done as fast as you can so you can enjoy the holidays,” said the Beckley resident.

She says we haven’t even hit Thanksgiving yet.

“I want to have the joy of the Christmas music closer to Christmas,” Morgan said.

For many, we’ve lost the true meaning of Christmas.

“It’s about what you’re going to buy people, what you’re going to get,” said Heather Shahan of Fruits of Labor.

But this restaurant station supervisor says it’s much more.

“Just about being together with family and spending time together,” Shahan said.

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