Investigations ongoing into the vandalization of three Mercer County State Parks

MERCER COUNTY, WV (WOAY) – Mercer County officials are currently investigating multiple acts of vandalism throughout the county.

Three different state parks were vandalized in some manner this past weekend. While a majority of the damage has already been cleaned up and restored, state park officials are still looking into these acts.

“There was equipment that was there,” said Mercer County Commissioner Bill Archer. “A kiosk at Pipestem State Park, and the shelter that we have at Brush Creek Falls. Also the signage that we have down there was all vandalized and torn up.”

One of the reasons that the state parks may have been targeted is that they are accessible, as attendance numbers have risen in recent weeks.

“All across the county right now our attendance at our parks are through the roof,” said Camp Creek State Park Superintendent Frank Ratcliffe. “There’s very high increase in folks attending their parks.”

It’s important now that Mercer County residents work with officials to prevent these incidents from continuing going forward.

“This is a county of people,” Archer said. “Citizens can help us out on keeping their eyes open for bad acts that they’ve placed. Not to help us apprehend those, but to help guide us in the paths of how we can prepare, and also fix up the things that are torn up.”

Multiple law enforcement departments are teaming up with county officials to hopefully conclude these investigations sooner rather than later.

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