In-person early voting expects to have low turnout

FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WOAY) – In-person early voting begins on May 27th for the local 2020 Primary Election.

Fayette County residents will be able to vote at three voting sites early. According to Fayette County Clerk Alicia Treadway, in-person early voting is expected to have a low turnout due to the number of absentee ballots that were processed.

“Normally, the benefit of early voting is so you don’t have to stand in lines on election day, but nobody is going to be standing in lines during this pandemic because of the absentee requests that we have received. It’s definitely going to cut down on the traffic,” said Treadway.

Officially Election Day is next Tuesday, June 9, but registered voters can early vote at Green Valley United Methodist Center, Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Building, and Montgomery City Hall this week.

“All of those three locations will be equipped with hand sanitizer, which I don’t recommend to use hand sanitizers before we go in to vote, because if your hands are wet and you touch your ballot, it may not run through the tabulator,” said Treadway.

Treadway also wants to remind the public to be mindful of filling out an absentee ballot and trying to vote in person.

“If you choose to go to the polls after you receive a ballot at your home because you requested a ballot to no go to the polls, you can not drop off your ballots at the early voting locations or on election day. You can return them to the courthouse by June 8th,” said Treadway.

The courthouse is not an early in-person location due to the building still being limited to the public.

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